Easy Ways To Remove Wallpaper

Do you use wallpapers to add design to your room? There are a lot of pretty wallpapers around, in all prints and colors. Having wallpapers in your room gives it an instant glow, but what about when it has been there for years and you want to change it? Here are some easy ways to remove wallpaper today.

Prepare the room by placing drop cloths on the portion of the floor where wallpaper will be stripped. After that, create small holes on the wallpaper using a scorer.

Mix a solution of hot water and fabric softener, works better and easy on the pocket too. Combine one to one of these in a spray bottle. Remember to protect your hands as water is needed to be hot in making this then soak walls using this solution.

Carefully pull wallpaper upward.

When is the last time that you have your wallpaper removed? Did you do it on your own or called a professional to help?

You can also get a putty knife to help you remove little pieces that stuck on the wall. Then clean the wall with this mixture: a tablespoon of dish detergent in hot water. Remove all traces of adhesive then rinse with clean water and use towel to try. Now you have your wall ready for the next treatment.


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