Top DIY Projects for Kids and Dads

Kids are always interested with what adults do. Because of this, they will always involve themselves in any home improvement project you have on hand. This can impede your speed and the quality of your output. To get the most out of your DIY task while enjoying it with your little ones, take a look at the following ideas.

Paint a Room – With a little direction and supervision, even young children can help paint their bedroom. If you want to let creativity run free, give them a wall, or a portion of a wall, and let them make their own mural. It’s just paint, after all.

Install a Window Box – A small container or window box is just the right size to introduce kids to the basics of planting. If your kids are like mine, they already love to dig in the dirt, but to help keep everyone on task, make sure you have all your tools and supplies ready to go when you start your project. Over time, your kids will enjoy a real sense of ownership in watching these plants and flowers grow.

Clean Your Drains – There are simple DIY solutions for cleaning a slow or unstopping a clogged drain. Your kids can help mix your recipe and run the water for you. It’s like a mini science experiment.

DIY Drain Cleaner Recipe:
– 1 cup baking soda
– 1/2 cup salt
– 1/4 cream of tartar

Mix ingredients together in a resealable container. Pour 1/4 cup of your mixture into your drain. Pour 2 cups of boiling water down the drain and let stand for 30 minutes to an hour. Follow by flushing the drain with fresh water from the tap.