Car Repair: Know When Not To DIY

Cars require regular maintenance in order to run efficiently for a long time. Such maintenance usually includes ­­­basic checks, tune-ups and repairs which you can perform following specific guidance from your car maintenance manual. However, there are instances when you’re going to need expert help. Take a look at this short list for some insights.

1. Don’t DIY car repairs if you lack the right tools. Hammers and wrenches are not sufficient for fixing advanced car problems. They require repairs that involve the use of highly specialized tools. If you’re not planning to invest in such costly tools which you may not use again, just take your car to a trusted repair shop.

2. Never try to fix your car on your own unless you understand the specific damage or problem. Car engines can be tricky. Fixing the wrong part can waste money and time. If you’re keen to repair your vehicle on your own, run a diagnostic test first at the mechanic’s shop and have a pro explain to you the exact problem and the best way to resolve it.

3. If your car is 10 years old or younger, leave its maintenance to the experts. New car models have sophisticated systems integration. Wrong techniques used when changing the battery, fuse and brake pads can destroy other elements of the system and this can decrease your car’s value for  resale.

4. If the repair you’re considering is not in your car manual, have it done by a professional. Car manufacturers don’t incorporate repairs which require specialized services and tools in the manual. Continuing with a DIY repair without the proper instructions from the manufacturer puts your car at risk of damaging its integrity and safety.

5. Never resort to DIY car repair if you lack experience. Unless a repair job is very simple, you’re better off letting a professional mechanic fix it. There is a reason car mechanic apprenticeships take four years to complete – car repairs require a lot of hands-on knowledge in order to identify what is wrong and fix it appropriately.

For more helpful ideas on DIY and professional car repairs read through this detailed infographic from Touch Up Guys.