Qualities That Make a Good Architect

Time will comeĀ  when you would need the services of a good architect. For you to be able to get in touch with one, you must know the qualities of a dependable architect. Otherwise, you can lose a lot of time and money for your home improvement project.

Excellent Communication and Listening Skills – A great architect has excellent written and verbal communication skills and can hold effective discussions with clients and builders to ensure each party has sufficiently communicated their wants and needs for the project at hand.

An architect must have superb listening skills in order to fully grasp what it is the client is after, as well as to effectively understand the needs of builders and other parties involved in executing an architect’s design.

Excellent sense of design – Great architects have an eye for good design and can translate ideas onto paper to show clients and builders.


Solid technical abilities – Great architects are able to successfully integrate mechanical, electrical, and structural elements into their designs as well as account for the unique requirements of particular building materials.

Problem solving ability – A great architect must have sharp problem solving skills. They need to be able to identify problems as soon as they arise (or before they arise) and develop rapid solutions to address them.

Ability to visualise a project – A great architect has a good sense of vision. They are able to visualize the end results through all steps of the designing and building processes.

Excellent drawing/sketching skills – A great architect must have high quality drawing and sketching skills, either via computer program or by hand.