Quick Tips on Choosing the Best Colour for Your Pool

Recently a friend who is considering renovating his backyard pool asked me to give him some advice.

His question to me was:

Have you ever renovated or remodeled your own pool? Can you give me some tips on selecting the best colour for the water in my pool?


To answer his first question, I don’t own a pool in my backyard. If ever I own one, I will not even consider renovating it myself. 😀 The professionals are the ones with the right skills to tackle such a major task. As for the second question, I’m no expert in swimming pools and so I did some research on this topic. Here is some information that I was able to gather.


You may not know this but it is possible to achieve only two different colours for the water in a swimming pool. These are blue and green. The background dye used in your pool finish is the major factor that affects the water colour in your swimming pool.  Blue water can be achieved by lining your pool with a black, blue, gray or white background finish. A brown, green or tan background finish produces green water.

Some pools appear bluer or greener compared to other pools. This can be attributed to the water depth. Deeper pools look darker in colour while shallow pools look lighter. There are other factors that affect the tint of the water in your pool. These are sun exposure, landscaping, pool shape, water movement and water temperature.

Consider the look that you want to achieve in your backyard when choosing the ideal colour for your pool. The theme of your backyard will provide an appropriate colour palette for you to work from.

It may be tempting to base your decision on the pool colours that are popular today. This could make the selection process easier for you. However, this is not advisable. What’s trending today may no longer be popular tomorrow. Take the time to choose a pool colour that suits your own taste and the design of your house.

Watch this short video about pool colour options I found online. It will give you an idea about how to choose the right colour for your pool which will complement the pool’s design.