Why Kids Are Better off with Wooden Toys

To a carpenter dad like me, nothing beats the happiness of creating wooden for my kids and seeing my kids enjoy them. Creating wooden toys allows to show how important my kids are to me – that I will take the effort and time to create something that they will enjoy. It also allows me to take part in their personal development and well-being as wooden toys come with better and more benefits than their plastic counterparts.

Wooden toys encourage kids to be proactive. Your kids will need to be mentally and physically involved when playing with wooden toys. Kids will need to pull, push and turn them manually because they don’t have buttons to press. 0772Wooden toys are safer for kids’ heath. Wooden toys lack toxic chemicals which are often seen in plastic toys. You don’t have to worry about your kids getting poisoned when playing with them. Wooden toys are not battery-operated too. Again, you don’t have about your kids swallowing hazardous batteries.

Wooden toys improve kids’ tactile experiences. Plastic toys are generally smooth. Meanwhile, wooden toys can exhibit different textures. Touching them allows kids to have a rich tactile experience.

Wooden toys can be used for generations. Wooden toys tend to last generations. Plastic toys can get brittle and outdated in time. This is contrary to the state of most wooden toys no matter how vintage-looking they are. They have longer lifespan especially when they’re made from quality wood. Repairs can be easily done with broken wooden toys than with plastic toys. You can repaint or them if you need to. This is something you cannot do with plastic toys.