Learn About the Home Design Trends in 2018


Are you looking to renovate your house this 2018? Here are four top trends in home improvement that you’ll see everywhere if not in every all throughout the year.

Tankless Water Heaters – Unlike traditional water heaters, these heaters only provide water at the rate its needed, enabling homeowners to keep their costs in check.
They’re also significantly smaller than the current models on the market, making them the perfect option for UK homes, where space is at a premium.

Creating A Roof Deck – For those with minimal garden space, where a ‘windowsill garden’ doesn’t quite cut it, looking skyward offers the ideal solution. No, we’re not talking an observatory (although that would certainly be nice), we’re talking creating a mini roof deck space that you can relax and grow your plants in. Needless to say, for UK homes, space is always at a premium, and with allotments considerably costly as well, the trend for homeowners to take things into their own hands, and work with what they’ve got (ie. limited roof space) is a trend that seems set to continue.

Hunger For Natural Materials – With the ‘smarter homes’ trend looking to take centre stage in 2018, homeowners are likely to find themselves hankering after natural materials, such as wood, to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. From hand-carved bowls, to stunning wooden sculptures, such objects seem set to add a personal touch to properties, providing a complementary contrast to the more impersonal technology used within them. Remember the ‘buy local’ trend that had shoppers grilling grocers on the origins of their greens? This same principle is set to apply to home improvements as well, with a move towards making use of location specific materials (such as limestone), to provide focal features in houses.

Minimalistic Scandi-Design – Although this trend has remained on top for the past several years, it seems set for a renewal of interest in the coming months, as books such as ‘’Hygge: The Danish Art Of Living Well” and ‘’The Little Book Of Hygge” top the bestsellers’ list in time for Christmas. As part of the Scandi-design trend, we’re set to see greater attention to the little details that are often ignored, such as small candles to create a warm and welcoming ambience, and soft-focus lamps that simulate natural daylight, to tide us through the darkest depths of Winter.