Three Top Causes of Clutter in Your House

Wondering why your house is always messy? This short outline might make you realize where your problem is coming from. Read up and learn what you can do to put a stop to them.

npaperYou keep a lot of paper. Paper comes in different forms – bills, books. coupons, flyers, magazines, newspaper, etc. Take the time to sort your mail on a regular basis – twice a week or weekly. This will keep paper from piling up. Don’t store old newspaper and magazines. Bring them to recycling center right away.

You don’t put things back to their proper places. Do you always things out of the cabinet and the shelves? Do you have the habit of putting them  back to their original places after use? If you always leave things out where they landed, you’re in the serious business of creating mess in your house. Let this be your rule of thumb: I will put back everything to where I got them.

You don’t clean up on a regular basis. Cleaning up on a daily basis is beneficial because it will keep dirt and mess from piling up in your house. Spend at least half an hour daily to de-clutter messy areas of your house. If your work doesn’t allow you to spend a lot of time at home, spend your weekends doing some general cleaning.