Preparing a Nursery: Basic Things for Your Baby

Are you expecting an addition to the family? Yes? Welcome him or her with a cozy nursery filled fixtures and furniture built by your own hands. There’s nothing more rewarding than to see your little bundle of joy sleeping on the crib you made.

Apart from the crib, what else do you need to prepare for a perfect nursery? Read the rest of my post for some ideas.

Sleeping area. Here is where you position the crib. The crib can’t be empty. Fill it with an appropriate mattress, blankets and pillows that will make your little angel’s sleep very comfortable. You may want to install a lampshade beside the crib for night use. Just make sure that it won’t topple down easily.


Changing area. You will need to fill this area with cabinets, racks and a changing table. The latter is not necessary since you can change the baby
directly in the crib or on the floor. But it a changing table will come in handy for your wife who still can’t bend over after giving birth. You can store all your baby’s clothes and other stuff in the cabinets and racks.

Feeding area. This area doesn’t have to big. In fact, it’s enough that it can
hold a rocking chair and side table. Your wife can sit on the rocking chair while breastfeeding and lulling your baby to sleep. A side table will be good enough to hold the formula, water and other feeding paraphernalia you might need.