How to Protect Patio and Outdoor Furniture

While most outdoor furniture are made with materials that can stand all types of weather, it would still be wise for their owners to do the necessary measures to keep them in good condition for a long time. Here are some tips you might find helpful.

  • Brush them to remove the dust since most patio furniture are exposed to all forms of the pollution.
  • Check for any damages.
  • If there are frames and upholstery, remove them to them clean them separately.
  • Cover wicker furniture with a hose when cleaning them. Clean wooden and metal furniture with a sponge.
  • Use a cleaning solution which is specific to the material of your furniture to avoid possible damage.


Upholstery Protection

The upholstery of the outdoor furniture defines the beauty of the furniture and they are sensitive most of the time. Hence, they should be washed properly. Use the right materials when washing your upholstery. Make sure to dry it properly to avoid the formation of mildew. It would be best to let it dry under the sun. If this is not possible, use blowers or electric dryers. Dry it until moisture level reaches zero. Apply a fabric protector which won’t damage the fabric. Apply it every now and then to bring more life to your furniture.

Frame Protection

Look for an Outdoor furniture protector which negates the bad effects of weather – sun’s UV rays and rain. For wooden frames, apply a normal paint. Pigments in the paint can protect furniture from heat and water. Do this periodically to avoid chipping and withering. Use gloves and masks when applying the frame protector of your choice to avoid any accidents or potential health problems.

Weather Resistance

A small stain can damage the appeal of the furniture. So, apply a stain and water repellant for every two years. The water repellent prevents the water from reaching the bottom layers of the wood and also fastens the evaporation process. Avoid using repellents, which have a high oil content.